Kit & Kaboodle have sought the finest makers in the land and brought them all under one roof

Kit & Kaboodle is an online retail emporium selling authentic men’s accessories of an exceptionally high quality. We have combed the factories, workshops, warehouses and studios of Great Britain to find the nation’s finest craftspeople, many of whose products are hardly known outside their small band of loyal customers.

From master leather workers to talented tanners, dedicated cutlers to kings of the woollen mill, makers of the finest writing implements to cutters of the smoothest leather notebooks, hereditary horologists to the crafters of beautiful leather watch straps, Kit & Kaboodle have sought the finest makers in the land and brought them all under one roof.

We firmly believe that buying the budget version of something a man will probably use for his entire life is a false economy. Buy cheap, buy twice, so they say. We believe that if you buy sensibly and from a source that has taken the trouble to ensure long-lasting quality by using traditional methods of construction, you will not have to buy that item ever again.

Besides, objects that are soundly made also age extremely well: a satchel made from premium calf-hide will not only outlive a synthetic alternative, but will acquire a patina that reflects its years of faithful use; it is far more likely to improve in appearance rather than degrades over time.

We have been a long time in preparing this enterprise, forming relationships with countless independent makers of the items we think every man should possess, regardless of age, fashion or sartorial style. The people we work with have either been in business for decades, or honing their particular craft, to the exclusion of all others, for many years, and this is reflected in the products we are offering to you.

Take our advice: invest in a single, perfect example of each of your essential accoutrements, look after them well, cherish them like you would a beast of burden, and you will never have to purchase another one again. Allow Kit & Kaboodle to guide you through the nooks and crannies of a British manufacturing industry that thrives today more than ever, despite the attempts of global brands to seduce us with their throwaway products, and your life will be enhanced for it.